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Information about a bug related to rewards displayed during Savage Gauntlet (updated 08/16/2023)

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Information added on 08/16/2023

The correct reward rank will now be displayed from Savage Gauntlet Trial 4 and onward. We will be  distributing the correct reward to players who received a reward different from that which was displayed on their screen. We apologize for any trouble or inconvenience this has caused.


There may be a discrepancy between the rank displayed in the game and the rewards granted to some players whose clear times are very close to the cutoff time for a given rank.

The criteria for rewards in Savage Gauntlet are as follows:
Master: Clear time within top 20% of players.
Fighter: Clear time within top 50% of players.

However, some players whose clear times are very close to but did not quite meet the cutoff time are receiving messages incorrectly reporting rewards for the unmet rank within the game. Please be assured that the rewards are being distributed properly in accordance with the actual cutoff times for each rank, and all players are receiving the rewards that they have earned.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion, and are investigating the cause of this issue. We will report findings and progress as the situation develops.

Thank you for playing Exoprimal.