Introducing a New Mode: Custom Match

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Title Update 4 introduces the Custom Match mode.

New Mode: Custom Match

Enjoy wargames with friends across platforms as you play with your preferred settings, missions, and fields. In Custom Matches, you'll not only earn EXP for your Player, Survival Pass, and Suit Levels, you'll even make progress on the story.

Six Game Type Settings

- Custom Game
Play Dino Survival with your choice of Final Mission and Field.

- Quick Brawl
Play only Final Missions.
Freely select the Final Mission and Field.

- Dino Survival
Advance the story as you play Dino Survival, the state of which is synchronized with the progress of other participating players.
Collaboration Missions are currently available. You can also get limited time campaign rewards.

- Savage Gauntlet
Play the currently available Savage Gauntlet.

- Time Loop Rebellion
Play the currently available Time Loop Rebellion.

- Unique Missions
Play through special story-related missions and ten-player co-op boss battles.

Starting a Custom Match

- Create a Room
Select "Create a Room" to generate a passcode and invite players to participate.
Share the passcode with players you want to play with. 

- Join a Room
Select "Room Search" to input the passcode you've received and enter the room.

Room Screen Explanation

* On the actual game screen, a platform icon will be displayed next to names of players on the same platform as you.

  1. Select Game Settings, Missions, and the Field.
  2. A list of players who have joined will also be displayed.
    The Room Leader, indicated by a flag icon, can determine the game settings, mission, and field.
    Players who have completed the story will have a star icon displayed next to their name.
  3. Adjust the teams of the participants.
    This can also be done randomly.
    * Only the Room Leader can control this.
  4. The room's time limit.
    The room will be disbanded if the game does not begin within the time limit. 

Custom Match Supplementary Information


  • Regardless of the Custom Match Settings, the Crossplay Setting will be forced on.
  • Rooms are created once at least two participating players have joined. 
    * Depending on the timing, some rooms may not initially appear in search results while the room is being generated.
  • Collaboration Missions cannot be done in a Custom Game or Quick Brawl.
  • Limited-time campaign rewards cannot be earned in a Custom Game or Quick Brawl.  
  • Savage Gauntlet can only be played with five players who have completed the story.
  • Time Loop Rebellion can only be played with ten players who have completed the story.  
  • Bots will automatically be added when there are not enough players.
  • Once a Buddy Session has been initiated, the Session owner can Create Lobby or Find Lobby only when all members have gathered in the Main Menu.
    * All Buddies will join the custom room selected by the session owner.
    * If a player other than the session owner leaves a Custom Match, they cannot rejoin the custom room as long as they remain in the Buddy Session.

We hope that Custom Matches will help all fighters up their game even further.
We hope you'll keep on enjoying the wargames.