Open Beta Test 2 Updates

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  • Xbox One
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  • PlayStation®5
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Open Beta Test 2 Scheduled Play Period

June 16, 2023 (Fri) 00:00 UTC – June 18, 2023 (Sun) 23:59 UTC
June 15, 2023 (Thu) 20:00 EDT – June 18, 2023 (Sun) 19:59 EDT
June 15, 2023 (Thu) 17:00 PDT – June 18, 2023 (Sun) 16:59 PDT

Additional Features

- A limited amount of story-related material has been added.
- A Dino Survival gameplay tutorial has been added.
- New Dino Survival mission variations have been added.

Bug Fixes & Balance Adjustments

Exosuit Adjustments 
Deadeye was intended to be an exosuit that excelled at medium and long range combat, but it couldn't perform as expected in the first open beta test. We've made the suit more playable by adjusting the accuracy of its primary weapon and reducing the cooldown time for its Thrust Attack ability.

- Ravager: Increased projectile speed and decreased damage dropoff at distance. 
- Thrust Attack: Reduced cooldown time.

In the first open beta test, Zephyr dealt far more damage than we anticipated to dinosaurs and exosuits alike. We still want to emphasize the high-risk, high-reward gameplay of Zephyr's maneuverability and melee attacks, so we've opted to slightly reduce the power and effective area of some abilities.

- Tonfa Blitz: Reduced damage and effective area.
- Linear Strike: Reduced damage and effective area.
- Reduced the rate at which Zephyr's Overdrive Gauge charges when attacking dinosaurs.

We envisioned Barrage as an exosuit that can leverage a variety of attacks and abilities to deal damage across a wide area, but it didn't quite reach that level of versatility in the first open beta test. Decreasing the cooldown for Triple Threat and making Barrage's Stun Grenade more effective should allow players to make better use of the suit.

- Stun Grenade: Increased damage and altered the reaction of enemy exofighters hit by this ability.
- Triple Threat: Reduced cooldown time.

Vigilant was a bit too good at taking down hostile exosuits from long range, so we've made some damage adjustments to give exofighters more time to repair after being hit by Vigilant. Furthermore, we've also increased the cooldown timer for Frost Lock since Vigilant was excelling in close quarters combat despite its specialization as a long-range sniper.

- Railgun Charge: Reduced damage.
- Frost Lock: Increased cooldown time.

Roadblock was nearly unstoppable while guarding with its shield, so we've reduced the shield's durability for balance purposes. Also, we've increased Roadblock's primary attack damage so that players can also choose to go on the offensive when needed.

- Haymaker: Increased damage. 
- Ballistic Wall: Reduced durability. 
- Reduced duration of the temporary defense buff granted when activating the shield, and reduced the rate of damage reduction while this temporary defense buff is active.

We felt that Krieger performed mostly as expected, but some of its abilities were still limited in their viability. Stunlock Missile will now function as a useful offensive ability instead of only as a mechanic to paralyze enemies.

- Stunlock Missile: Increased damage. 
- Thruster Dash: Changed direction and increased knockback distance of small dinosaurs hit by this ability.

Murasame was still dealing incredible damage even without utilizing its Rasetsu Stance. We've made adjustments to create a clear difference in power between regular attacks and Rasetsu Stance attacks that have been after a Vajra Counter. Similarly, we've reduced the cooldown timer for Vajra Counter so that players can more easily play as a "counter tank" and enter Rasetsu Stance.

- Ichimonji: Reduced damage. 
- Vajra Counter: Reduced cooldown time.

Witchdoctor was underperforming in its ability to repair teammates when compared to other support suits. We've made some of Witchdoctor's repair abilities more potent and made other adjustments so that Witchdoctor can be used as the best exosuit for close-range repairs.

- Repair Field: Increased the amount of health repaired and reduced cooldown time. 
- Feed: Reduced cooldown time.

Skywave's offensive and support capabilities were unmatched whether it was in the air above or on the ground with other suits. Adjustments have been made to Skywave's power, repair potency, effective range, and ability timers. We have also increased Skywave's hitbox to be more in line with its appearance, and to encourage players to use its maneuverability to evade attacks.

- Aether Lance: Reduced damage. Reduced amount of health repaired. Reduced the area of direct hit zones. 
- Optics Jammer: Reduced the length of the vision jamming debuff applied to hostile exofighters. 
- Expanded Skywave's hitbox to be more in line with its appearance.

While Nimbus fulfilled its intended role as a dual support/assault exosuit, we got the impression that it was quite difficult to use effectively. We've made adjustments so that Nimbus can better play the support role and have also ramped up its damage-dealing capabilities when it needs to play as an assault suit. Finally, we've made its Overdrive more viable by increasing its damage to a fixed amount.

- Mars & Apollo: Increased damage. 
- Spreadshot: Reduced cooldown time. 
- Antipode Burst: Greatly increased power.

Rig Updates 
We've adjusted cooldown timers for rigs to incentivize certain playstyles and make rig performance more balanced.

- Reduced the cooldown time for the following rigs: Cannon, Shield, Aid 
- Increased the cooldown time for the following rigs: Catapult, Drill Fist

Mission Adjustments 
General Updates 
Final missions lasted much longer than regular missions in the first open beta test, and victory or defeat was often decided simply by the results of the final mission. We've adjusted the balance of final missions and made it more advantageous for teams to quickly progress through the regular missions.

- A variety of balance adjustments to final missions have been made. 
- Reduced the time limit of final missions. 
- The team with the most progress when a final mission reaches its time limit will now be declared the winner.

Data Key Security Updates 
Some matches would devolve into a stalemate when the Data Key was being repeatedly destroyed. We've made the following changes to address this.

- Increased the movement speed of the Data Key relative to the number of people standing in its proximity. 
- The durability of a Data Key will increase each time it is restored after being destroyed.

Omega Charge Updates 
The position of target objectives was unclear, and some matches would turn into a stalemate when the Omega Hammer was continually dropped and reset. We've made the following changes to address this.

- A nav line will now appear and guide players to the target when the Hammer is fully charged. Target locations can also be seen through walls. 
- Increased the time it takes for the Omega Hammer's position to be reset. 
- Energy charged while the Omega Hammer was dropped will no longer be lost when the Omega Hammer's position is reset.

Energy Taker Updates 
Some players had trouble understanding how to acquire energy cartridges, and many times the mission would turn into a PvP stalemate. We've made the following changes to address this.

- Reduced the number of energy cartridges required for victory. 
- A certain number of energy cartridges will appear near each team's starting point when the mission begins. 
- Energy cartridges will now be gained or lost immediately after an exofighter is defeated. 
- The number of energy cartridges gained or lost immediately after defeating an exofighter has changed. 
- Energy cartridges can now be acquired by successfully recalling teammates. 
- The interval between energy cartridge provision periods has been adjusted.

A number of other, smaller bugs have also been fixed. The Exoprimal team appreciates your interest and support, and we hope to see you in the wargame!

Future updates and notes can be viewed here.