The Street Fighter 6 Collaboration Begins!

  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • Windows
  • PlayStation┬«5
  • PlayStation┬«4
  • Steam┬«

Suit skins and other cosmetic items based on Ryu from Street Fighter 6 are now available!
Get these collaboration items by playing Exoprimal!

The collaboration starts after the release of Title Update 2.

How to Obtain the Ryu Collaboration Items

A reward is obtained each time you complete Dino Survival!

- Reward List

  • Street Fighter (Decal)
  • Hadoken (Charm)
  • You Win! (Stamp)
  • Hadoken (Emote)
  • Ryu (Deadeye Suit Skin)

Defeat tons of dinosaurs under the guise of a fighter searching for true power!


Guile and Chun-Li cosmetic sets are available for purchase as DLC!


Zephyr Street Fighter Set

- Details

  • Guile (Zephyr Suit Skin)
  • Turtling Guile (Decal)
  • Somersault Kick (Emote)
  • You lost... (Stamp)
  • Comb (Charm)



Vigilant Street Fighter Set

- Details

  • Chun-Li (Vigilant Suit Skin)
  • Shadaloo (Decal)
  • Lightning Kick Barrage (Emote)
  • Sorry about That! (Stamp)
  • Bracelet (Charm)

*Hadoken, Somersault Kick, and Lightning Kick Barrage are emotes. They do not inflict damage.


Run with friends through the battlefield in special suits tailor-made for powerful fighters!


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