Time Loop Rebellion #4 Announcement

  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • Windows
  • PlayStation®5
  • PlayStation®4
  • Steam®

The Time Loop Rebellion is a high-difficulty PvE mode in which players square off against the Leviathan.
Work together as a team of ten to defeat the Behemoth that has evolved with extradimensional strength!

Campaign Period

28/06 2024 03:00 UTC ~ 02/07 2024 02:59 UTC
06/27 2024 20:00 PDT ~ 07/01 2024 19:59 PDT

* Savage Gauntlet will not be available during the weeks Time Loop Rebellion is available.


Play to earn Rebellion Points, which are used to obtain rewards.
Side Missions are an efficient way to earn points.


Exosuit Skins

VIGILANT : Corsair 


WITCHDOCTOR α : Siamo Helm 


KRIEGER β : Tarot Moon




Rebellion Ringleader

Also, by spending Golden Tickets that you obtain, you can purchase special golden suit skins and weapon skins from the Exosuit Screen in the Hanger.

* Rebellion Points will be reset each time the event starts.
* Gold skins can also be purchased with BikCoins

Participation Requirements

Complete the main story. 
* Players who have fulfilled the participation requirements when the event period begins will be able to join via the Time Loop Rebellion option in the main menu.

We look forward to seeing how you perform under pressure. See you in the wargame!
We hope you will enjoy the extradimensional difficulty.