Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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A CAPCOM ID is required to play Exoprimal.  

Check whether or not your account is linked to a CAPCOM ID here.

CAPCOM ID Frequently Asked Questions

I can't get past the "Checking CAPCOM ID" screen with the matrix code after starting the game.

This error occurs when starting Exoprimal on with an account that is not linked with a CAPCOM ID.   
Take the following steps if this error occurs.  
1. Confirm whether or not the account you used to start the game is linked with a CAPCOM ID.  
2. If you have more than one account, try starting the game on a separate account.

I made a new CAPCOM ID and unlinked the account that was linked to my old CAPCOM ID. I'm getting an error when I try to link my account to my new CAPCOM ID.

Linked Platform ID cannot be linked to other CAPCOM IDs (except on certain platforms).

I want to change the account linked to my CAPCOM ID.

Whether or not you can change linked accounts depends on the platform.

■ PlayStation™Network
Accounts for PlayStation™Network linked to a CAPCOM ID cannot be changed.
Additionally, accounts for PlayStation™Network that have been linked to a CAPCOM ID cannot be re-linked to a different CAPCOM ID.
Please be aware that even if you delete your CAPCOM ID account, you cannot re-link your account for PlayStation™Network to a different CAPCOM ID.

■ Xbox Network/Steam
You can link a different account from the same platform to your CAPCOM ID.
You can also unlink a Platform ID from one CAPCOM ID and link it to a different one.
Please note that there may be limits on re-linking after you unlink a Platform ID.

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